About Us


    • Moulding Excellence┬« was founded in October 2020 in Auckland, New Zealand backed by over 25 years of industry experience in plastics manufacturing. We proudly offer innovative technology solutions and services tailored to the global injection moulding industry, with a distinct specialization in hot runner moulding.
    • Our primary mission is to enhance the financial performance of injection moulding operations by prioritizing quality and productivity. Our approach revolves around a unique three-step methodology:
    • Utilizing Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) tools to optimize both part and mould design.
    • Implementing the most suitable hot runner solution for the specific resin and part geometry.
    • Fine-tuning process parameters in production through the application of Scientific Moulding techniques.
    • Extensive research confirms that a well-crafted injection mould, combined with meticulous process optimization, can reduce cycle times by up to 30% compared to standard cycles. This efficiency translates to significant cost savings for your business, potentially saving thousands of dollars per year per moulding machine, depending on machine hour rates and production run times.
    • Furthermore, Scientific Moulding techniques helps to establish a robust process window, minimizing scrap parts. Scrap rate stands as the second most influential variable affecting the profitability of injection moulding operations. At Moulding Excellence┬«, we strive to empower your business with the tools and techniques necessary for sustained success in the competitive injection moulding landscape.

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