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Introducing DynaFlow™ Hot Runner Systems, a collaborative venture between Vasantha Group and Moulding Excellence®, drawing from over 25 years of global hot runner brand experience and 35 years of precision manufacturing expertise. Our DynaFlow™ product line boasts the following key features:
  • Customer-centric design for seamless integration and maintenance
  • Premium construction ensuring durability and reliability
  • Proudly Make in India, contributing the nation’s manufacturing prowess
DynaFlow™ stands out as a smarter choice for mold makers seeking a domestic brand that offers exceptional value for money. With its blend of energy efficiency, service friendliness, and low cost of ownership, DynaFlow™ sets a new standard in hot runner solutions. Reach out to us at to learn more about how DynaFlow™ can elevate your moulding operations.
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  • Gating styles
  • Single nozzle systems
  • Manifold systems
  • Speciality systems
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DynaFlow™ range presents six series of nozzles catering to diverse market segments including packaging, personal care, medical, automotive, electrical and electronics. These nozzles feature the innovative OptiHeat technology, providing a thermal profile with a variance of +/-10% from entry to exit, coupled with the convenience of sleeve heaters. All series of nozzles share the same length across all gating styles, making it a breeze for mold designers while working with DynaFlow™ systems.

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