LSR Cold Decks

Solutions for Liquid Silicone Rubber moulding

Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) is a widely used thermoset moulding process that has gained popularity over the years due to the excellent chemical and mechanical properties of Silicone when compared to thermo plastic elastomers.

We provide Cold decks for LSR moulds that helps to eliminate material wastage on multi cavity tools, same as what a hot runner system does in a plastics injection mould.

Product Description

Cold Decks are designed to ensure there is no cross linking of Silicone compound happens inside feed system while curing cavities. They are available both in thermal and valve gate configurations whereas the latter offers a more efficient process control. If an open nozzle or valve gate nozzle is added to the system, customer can completely eliminate waste in Silicone moulding. With the ability to eliminate material waste, you can often show a tooling payback in fewer than six months.

Cold decks also add many other advantages beyond material savings and some of them are feasibility of over moulding with thermoplastic resins, reduced cycle times, and ability to use moulding automation.

Contact us to know how our LSR cold decks could add value on your next Silicone mould project!

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