Temperature Controllers

Reliable Control solutions for your hot runner moulds

If you need robust temperature controllers that are built to withstand demanding conditions, without compromising on high-quality finishes – then we have the temperature controller solution for your business.

A high-quality temperature controller is vital to ensure smooth production run of your moulding operations. We supply both modular and touch screen versions of temperature controllers to get the best performance out of your hot runner moulds.

Product Description

Established in Germany, Feller Engineering is in the business of creating solutions for process monitoring and temperature control since 1972. The temperature controllers have been designed and tested over many years to create a reliable and highly accurate device available for professional moulding companies, delivering superior precision control.

Our new series of MCS Controllers comes with unique operating functions that are highly intuitive which enables,

  • Operation without a user manual
  • Operation without training
  • Operation without previous knowledge

Features of these controllers are carefully designed so that even an untrained personnel can operate them safely in a production environment.

Contact us with the number of zones required and type of controller (modular or touch screen) for a quote.

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